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The story of Aruci began long time ago, but it has not aged yet. It is the story of a grandmum, who had a great passion for cookies and cakes and an innate ability to prepare them. Her 'sweet heritage' was so precious that it has been handed down from generation to generation. Her recipes are still inside an oven that smells like biscuits.

Aruci makes its products as they were once prepared in the ancient recipes of the Sicilian tradition, using genuine and healthy ingredients.


Aruci products are more than typical Sicilian products; it's a choice of upholding our own traditions and giving value to farm-to-table quality ingredients such as sesame, almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts, which are turned into authentic and unique


Our selected products meet the desires and needs of demanding and refined customers. The careful choice of fine ingredients is the outcome of the indissoluble link between past and present, between the skilful re-elaboration of the traditional recipes and the modern methods of production.